Shrimp Lumpia, a Filipino Treat

Shrimp Lumpia (17)

What is Lumpia? Lumpia (Loom-p-i-a) is the Filipino version of an Egg Roll, and quickly gaining in popularity. You’ll see them all over California being sold as street food. Traditionally made with Ground Pork or Beef and Vegetables, and fried in Oil, they are a wonderful and portable finger food. You could also try Chicken or even make a Vegetarian variety. My dear friend Me’ven, who hails from the Philippines recommended that I give them a try and I love trying new International foods. Me, being me, I used Shrimp. I brushed with Olive Oil and air fried them, but they could just as easily be cooked in the oven or fried in the same skillet you use to cook the filling. They were so delicious. The recipe makes 15 Lumpias. Over the course of the day, Bob and I ate them all.

     Lumpias are wrapped in Lumpia Skins, but Spring Roll Wrappers or Egg Roll Wrappers work just as well. Make sure you have some Sweet Chili Sauce for dipping! I imagine Sweet and Sour Sauce, Soy Sauce, Hot Mustard, Teriyaki Sauce or anything along those lines would also be delicious. Me’ven assures me that many people make them in large batches and freeze or later. I didn’t have the opportunity to do that since we ate every single one.


1 Package of Spring Roll Wrappers

12 oz Raw Shrimp

1 ½ cups Cabbage, shredded

1 cup Carrots, shredded

1 cup Onion, chopped

1 Mini Sweet Pepper, chopped

2-3 cloves Garlic, minced

1 tsp Ginger Root, minced (or ½ tsp powder)

2-3 TBSP Low Sodium Soy Sauce

Cilantro, fresh or dried

Olive Oil for brushing

NOTE: An optional Ingredient in Pork or Ground Beef Lumpias are Raisins, Bean Sprouts, and Water Chestnuts

TIME SAVER: Use 1 ½ cups of Cole Slaw mix instead of buying a whole head of Cabbage. Then add your own Carrots


Peel and devein your Shrimp. Rinse well, drain, and lay on paper toweling to remove as much water as possible. You want the Shrimp to sizzle in the pan, not steam from excess water. When you get a minute, cut the Shrimp into halves or thirds. (I used Extra Large Shrimp, and thirds would have been better).

While the Shrimp is drying, get a large skillet and drizzle Olive Oil in the bottom. At medium heat, cook the Cabbage, Carrots, Onion, Pepper, Ginger, and Garlic until Cabbage and Carrots are crisp-tender. Place mixture in a bowl.

Drizzle a little Olive Oil in the same pan and preheat it. Add the Shrimp, a little Pepper, 1 TBSP of the Soy Sauce and ½ tsp dried Cilantro. Stir constantly until they turn pink.

Add the Vegetable Mixture to the Shrimp along with Pepper, 1 TBSP Soy Sauce, ½ tsp Cilantro and stir until well mixed. Add all Ingredients to the same bowl you used before.

In the same skillet, add a few inches of very warm water. Bring the pan to a work area and set on a pot holder. Take one Spring Roll Wrapper and let it soak in the water until it is very soft. It only takes about 10 seconds. After a few seconds they will begin to curl. I found that flipping them over does the trick.

Add about ¼ cup of the filling to each Wrapper and roll up, tucking the sides in as you go. I did not find it necessary to seal with egg because I air fried and they were not going to be handled much. If you prefer to fry, you will need to keep about 1” of hot oil in the skillet at all times. Fry in batches so you don’t over crowd them, and drain well on paper toweling.

For air frying, I brushed top, bottom, and sides with Olive Oil and cooked for about 5 minutes, flipped them over and cooked the other side. Since all the filling is cooked, simply get them to the golden color you desire. Drain on paper toweling.

By Tika for Chew Wanna Eat 8/15/2018

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Shrimp Lumpia (17)

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