Alice Springs Turkey, a new Westover Leftover

Alice Springs Turkey, made with leftover Turkey.  Thick cuts of Turkey topped with Bacon, Mushrooms, Onions, and Cheese.  Honey, Mustard Dipping Sauce on the side.

     WAIT! . . . WHAT?  Alice Springs Turkey?  You bet!!!  And it’s made with leftover Turkey.  How perfect is that?

     Always, when we go to Outback, I order Alice Springs Chicken.  I love it.  I make it at home regularly.  It has all my favorites.  Chicken, Bacon, Mushrooms, Onions, and Cheese marinated in a wonderful Dijon, Honey, and Lemon Marinade.  The remaining Marinade is served at the table as a dipping sauce. 

     So, after Thanksgiving when we had leftover Turkey, we tried to figure out how to recreate an entirely new meal.  One of our people hates Turkey, but she loves Alice Springs Chicken.  Guess who was crazy over Alice Springs Turkey? 

     The Turkey was cooked, of course, so I didn’t want to marinate it again.  Here’s how I did it:


Turkey, Cooked and sliced ½” thick (I filled an 8” x 13” pan)

2 tsp Butter

Pepper, Paprika, Garlic Powder to taste

2 cups Mushrooms, sliced

1 large Onion, sliced from top to bottom

12 Slices Bacon

2 ½ cups Grated Cheese (Jack and Cheddar is great, or 2 cups Jack and Colby, or Mexican Cheese blend)


¾ cup Honey

¾ cup Dijon or Brown Spicy Mustard

1 tsp Lemon Juice, Fresh Squeezed

Optional:  1 tsp Sriracha Sauce

     Preparation:  Place all Ingredients in a small sauce pan.  With a Whisk, beat until combined and heat until it comes to a simmer.  Cook 1 – 2 minutes, and remove from heat.


     Grease your baking dish with the Butter.  Spread approximately ¼ cup Dipping Sauce on top of the Butter.  Lay the cooked Turkey on top.  Spoon a second ¼ cup Dipping Sauce on top of the turkey.  Sprinkle with Pepper, Paprika, and Garlic Powder.  Set aside.

     Preheat a large skillet, and cook Bacon until slightly crisp.  Remove from pan and drain most of the grease.  In the same skillet, cook Mushrooms and Onions until tender.  Lay the Mushrooms and Onions on top of the Turkey.  Top with Bacon, and cover with Aluminum Foil.  Pop it into a preheated 350° F oven for about 15 minutes.

     Remove from oven.  Top with Cheese mixture.  Return to oven uncovered, and give it 5 – 7 minutes for the Cheese to melt. 

     Serve with warmed remaining Dipping Sauce. 

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