8-Reasons-Old-Cookbooks-Are-Important    I found this article very interesting.  I hope you do, as well. Gail.

Image Credit: Jackie Finn-Irwin Via Flickr

“The differences in the way we prepare and cook food now are very different than it was 100 years ago. Instead of using the internet or an app on their smartphones, they used cookbooks. The cookbooks of today assume you have certain appliances such as a mixer to work with. They call for ingredients that would not normally be found for sale in certain parts of the world. Cookbooks are important, but making sure you have the right kind of cookbook is even more so.

There are distinct advantages to having older cookbooks as part of your preps or homestead kitchen shelf. A cookbook from the 1950s is not likely to have instructions to use a microwave. They used simple tools: a mixing bowl, a cast iron skillet, and a good sharp knife. In a disaster scenario, being able to make food from scratch is an invaluable skill to have. Most people today have very little knowledge of how to make many of the foods they eat. They can buy it premade, heat and eat. Not only do these books have recipes, they teach methods and skills for turning the same ingredients into several different dishes, kitchen hacks and tricks, and even inspirational quotes”.

There are public domain cookbooks you can download for FREE, too!

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