Pineapple and Pork Fried Rice

     Sometimes one of my new recipes makes me want to shout from a mountain top how delicious it is.  A week or so ago I created Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp and the family went crazy over it.  Last night I did something new with Pork Chops and they we SOOOO good!  I had 3 left over because we also served BBQ Ribs and the kids went for the Ribs instead of the Pork Chops.  So, I put my leftover Asian Pork Chops in the fridge and thought all night about what to do with the leftovers.  Bob bought 2 pineapples last week for $1.00 each.  I cut them up and froze them in individual packages.  I also had some leftover Rice in the fridge.  Unfortunately for me, someone got into the leftover Pork Chops and I only had 1 ½ Chops left.  You might want to double the recipe if you’re feeding a family.

     As I began to cook, my mind started doing its thing, and I had to start taking notes because I wanted kind of a Sweet, Spicy result.  Then once I started cooking, I added additional ingredients.  The end result is plenty spicy with just ½ tsp Sriracha Sauce. Our newest Westover Leftover!

Here’s what I came up with:    


2 cup cooked long grain rice

3 strips bacon, cooked and crumbled

¼ cup Celery, chopped

1 large Scallion, chopped

1 large clove Garlic, chopped

2 TBSP Olive Oil

2 TBSP Low Sodium Soy Sauce

1 tsp Hoisin

 1 ½ tsp Rice Vinegar

1/8 tsp Ginger Powder Or 3/4 tsp fresh grated Ginger

½ tsp Sriracha Chili Sauce

1 TBSP Sake

1 tsp dried Cilantro Leaves or use fresh is you have it

½ cup +/- Leftover Pork, cubed

2-3 TBSP fresh Pineapple

OPTIONAL:  Mushrooms, Carrots, Peas, Asparagus, Broccoli

     In a large skillet, fry bacon until crisp, crumble and set aside.  Pour off grease, leaving 1 TBSP behind in the pan.

     In the reserved Bacon Grease, sauté Celery, and Scallions for 2 minutes over low heat.  Add Garlic and sauté 1 minute more.  Add Olive Oil, Soy, Hoisin, Rice Vinegar, Ginger Powder, Chili Sauce, and Sake to the Veggies.   Stir over low heat just until everything is well combined.

     Add the Rice and give it a few minutes to crisp up a little.  You may want to turn the heat up.

     Add Cilantro, Pork, and Bacon.  Saute until heated through.  Add Pineapple, stir and serve.

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This is a double batch!

Easy Orange Chicken

     Almost everybody loves Orange Chicken, but let’s face it, buying it to go is expensive.  Just for Bob and I, we sometimes spend $40 or more, depending on how many sides we get.  What if I told you that for about $10.50, you could feed 4 adults?  It’s true.  Side dishes are on you, but you can buy a bag of good quality pre-cooked breaded Chicken and make Homemade Orange Sauce that is every bit as good as you’d get in a restaurant.  While the Chicken is in the air fryer, or toaster oven, make the sauce.  SO EASY!  You could also use it as a dip for Egg Rolls.


½ cup Orange Marmalade

½ cup Orange Juice (1 Orange)

1/3 cup Low Sodium Soy Sauce

2 tsp Rice Vinegar (Rice is best, but white vinegar works)

1 tsp Garlic, minced

½ tsp Ginger Root, peeled and grated fine

1/8 – ¼ tsp Crushed Red Pepper

1/3 cup Chicken Broth

2 TBSP Corn Starch


     Place a small saucepan on the stove.  Combine all the Ingredients and whisk until combined.  Simmer until the desired thickness is obtained.  I put it in a gravy bowl and let everyone pour Sauce over their own Chicken.  Serving Egg Rolls on the side?  Oh yeah, the Sauce is a great dip.

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Asian Pork and Noodles, a Westover Leftover

Asian Pork and Noodles, a Westover Leftover

     My newest Westover Leftover was quite a challenge. We had been out most of the day and didn’t plan anything for dinner.  I had a teeny little piece of Pork Tenderloin in the refrigerator.  It was probably enough to make one sandwich.  I wanted to do something with it, but I wasn’t sure what, and I had 3 adults to feed.  After pawing around, I saw Broccoli in the Vegetable drawer, I suddenly started yanking things out.  You might have been injured if you stood in my way.  I had Sake, Teriyaki Sauce, the Broccoli, Carrots, Onions, a package of Mushrooms, and plenty of Garlic.  No Snow Peas, but not a problem.  I’d use frozen peas.  (I ended up forgetting them and was mad!)

     Nothing was measured.  I sort of eye-balled everything, so know that the Ingredients listed below are not etched in stone, and are a guideline to get you started.  Change it out however you wish! Hate Broccoli?  No problem.  Add Bean Sprouts instead.  If you love Water Chestnuts, throw some in.  No Sake in the house?  Use White Wine.

     Ugh.  I cooked too many Noodles.  Now I have leftover Noodles.  Ha ha


Leftover Pork (I used about ¼ of a Pork Tenderloin, but any leftover Pork will be fine)

1 Carrot, diced, Julienned, or shredded

1 cup or so fresh Broccoli, cut into pieces

2 mini Sweet Peppers, sliced

One 8 oz package Mushrooms (Sliced or quartered)

1 Onion, sliced lengthwise

1 cup Snow Peas (or Sweet Peas, Fresh or frozen)

¾ of a can of chicken broth +/-

¼ cup Sake +/-

¼ cup Teriyaki Sauce

¼ cup Low Sodium Soy Sauce

1 TBSP Corn Starch

Seasonings:  Black Pepper, a few dashes of Five Spice Powder, a few dashes of Ginger Powder

OPTIONAL:  Top with Sesame seeds


     Preheat a large skillet, and drizzle some Olive Oil in the bottom.  Add the Vegetables that will take the longest to cook.  I started with Broccoli and diced Carrot.  Sauté for a few minutes, and add the Mushrooms and mini Sweet Peppers.  I drizzled with a bit of Soy Sauce.  Continue cooking, adding the faster cooking Veggies as you go.  The Peas and Onion get added next.  Garlic goes last.  You can start adding Soy, Teriyaki Sauce, and Sake a tablespoon or so at a time.  The same with the Seasonings.  They can be added any time.  Do NOT over do on the Five Spice Powder or Ginger Powder because they can both be overpowering.  Add more at the end after tasting, if you wish.

     When the Veggies are cooked, push them to the side of the pan.  Add your diced or shredded Pork.  I added another few tsp each of Sake, Teriyaki Sauce and Soy Sauce.  Cook until just heated through.  Push to the side.

     I’m sure you recall that if I have leftover chicken or beef broth, I pour it into a baggie and stick it in the freezer for times like this.  I think I had somewhere between ½ and ¾ of a can of chicken broth that I pulled out.  I didn’t even thaw it.  You’ll see in the pictures.  I did allow a teeny bit of it to thaw before I added a bit of Corn Starch.  I stirred just that side of the pan until the Corn Starch was dissolved.  I brought it to a simmer, and then mixed the everything together.  Now you can give it a taste and check the Seasonings.

     Serve over cooked rice or any kind of noodles.

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A sad little piece of pork



Wikipedia says: “Shumai, Cantonese romanized as siu mai, is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling, originated from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. In Cantonese cuisine, it is usually served as dim sum. Along with Chinese diaspora, variation of Shaomai also appears in Japan and Southeast Asia. 

     Today’s recipe was contributed by my dear friend, Meven Zabat Blanchard, who found this variation of Siomai online.  Me’ven is also the illustrator for my children’s books in Thistlewood Publishing.  She is a phenomenal artist and did “If Horses Had Feathers and Pigs Could Fly”, “Sparky the Rescue Dog”, and “Sparky Saves the Day”.   

Change up classic Chinese siomai by filling the steamed morsels with ground beef instead of the usual pork and shrimp. Prep Time 30 mins Cooking Time 15 mins .



2 ¼ lbs ground beef

1 small jicama (singkamas), minced

1 medium carrot, minced

2 TBSP green onions, minced

1 extra large egg

5 TBSP sesame oil, plus more to brush

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp salt

50 large wonton or siomai wrappers (or 100 small wrappers) 


 Combine all ingredients except for wrappers in a bowl. Mix well. Lay wrappers on a clean surface. Place ½ to 1 tablespoon filling on the center of each wrapper. Gather the edges towards the center to seal. Gently fold the sides, leaving the top exposed. Press each fold lightly.

Bring water in a steamer to a boil. Brush steamer basket with oil. Place siomai in the steamer basket and cook for 10 – 15 minutes.

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Sesame Noodles

Oh, what to say about my sesame noodles.  They are quick and very simple to make.  Sesame noodles are super inexpensive and go with just about anything.  They travel well.  If you need to take something to a picnic or pot luck there is no worry about it spoiling if unrefrigerated. And, they can be customized to suit your own taste. 

          My recipe is not overly sweet, not overly hot, nor overly vinegary.  But they are over the top delicious!  Feel free to taste it before serving and add whatever you feel is necessary.   P.S.  Is vinegary a word?  How do you spell it?



6 OZ Spaghetti noodles, cooked and drained

1 ½ TBSP Sesame or Canola oil

3 TBSP Low Sodium Soy sauce

½ tsp Sweet Chili sauce

1 TBSP Sugar

1/8 – ¼ tsp Chili oil

2 sweet mini peppers, sliced

1 fresh carrot, julienned

1 rib celery, julienned

2 lge cloves garlic, minced

½ tsp ginger powder

2 tsp sesame seeds

1 TBSP Rice vinegar or Apple cider vinegar

1 scallion, green part only, sliced, for garnish


In a 10” frying pan over medium/high, heat Sesame oil, soy, Chili sauce, and chili oil to a quick simmer.  Add peppers, carrot, celery, garlic, sugar, and ginger powder.  Cook for only a minute because the vegetables should be crisp-tender.  Remove from heat and add Rice vinegar and sesame seeds.  Pour over cooked noodles, tossing to coat and garnish with sliced scallion leaves.  You can sprinkle on a bit more sesame seed to make it look pretty.  Serve or chill.  Most people eat this cold.

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Sesame Noodles (2)


Sesame Noodles (3)

Sesame Noodles


Egg Rolls (7)

If you’d like to do a fun family project, make egg rolls. It is quick and easy, once everything is chopped. Even the little kids can help! We’ve made them for years and SO prefer them over any restaurant’s egg rolls.


1 ½ lbs chicken, skinless boneless (OR 12 oz. peeled raw shrimp)

¼ cup honey

¼ cup low sodium soy sauce

½ cup canola oil

½” slice of fresh ginger root, chopped

2-4 cloves chopped garlic

3 TBSP chopped onion

Dash crushed red pepper flakes


Slice chicken into thin slices or small chunks.  Mix all ingredients and let chicken marinate for around four hours.


With a slotted utensil, remove chicken from marinade and discard the marinade.  Stir fry chicken until cooked through.  If you want, save some for chicken fried rice.



1 tsp sugar

Salt and pepper

Shredded Bok choy, approximately 4 cups

Chopped onions

½ tsp sesame oil

2 TBSP Low sodium soy sauce

1 tsp Rice wine vinegar


OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS:  water chestnuts, sprouts, green onions.

If you’d rather have shrimp egg rolls, cut 12 oz peeled shrimp into chunks and follow the chicken egg roll recipe exactly (with the exception of only marinating the shrimp for an hour).


After chicken is cooked, remove to a bowl.  In the same pan, stir fry the vegetables with remaining filling ingredients for a minute or two.  Let cool and add to chicken.


Brush one entire side of wrapper with an egg wash.  Add approximately ½ cup filling, leaving at least ½” on the sides.  Fold two corners in toward the center and then roll tightly. The egg wash will add a tad of flavor and allow the rolls to seal when pressed at the edges.


Brush with olive oil and bake at 400° F for about 12 – 15 minutes or until browned.  Turn over and bake an additional 5 – 10 minutes. Drain on paper toweling. Serve with various dipping sauces.

Egg Rolls (6)



Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls (2)

Egg Rolls (3)

Egg Rolls (4)

Egg Rolls (5)

Egg Rolls (7)

Egg Rolls (8)


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