Raspberry Apple Pie with Crisp Topping

     Today was one of those days.  A day where I wanted something sweet, but wasn’t sure what I wanted.  I wanted cookies, but didn’t feel like making them.  I kind of wanted Apple Crisp, I kind of wanted to figure out a way to make Raspberry Crisp.  I checked the freezer and only had a partial bag of Raspberries.  Time for my trouble-making, kitchen-destroying thinking cap.  Take a look at that dessert!  Is it not beautiful?  Wait until you make one.  Oh my!  It’s knock your socks off good!


One 9” Pie Shell, Unbaked

4 large Cooking Apples (Honey Crisp, Braeburn, Granny Smith, etc.)

1 ¼ cups Fresh Raspberries, or Frozen and Thawed

2-3 TBSP Cinnamon/Sugar mixture

1 TBSP Sugar

1-2 TBSP AP Flour


¼ cup Wheat Flour

¼ cup AP Flour

½ cup Brown Sugar

¾ tsp Cinnamon

¼ cup Butter, chilled


     Thaw Raspberries if frozen and set aside.  Drain.  Stir in 1 TBSP of Sugar and taste an apple.  If too tart, add a little more Sugar.

     Peel and quarter Apples.  Feel free to use a mixture of Apple varieties.  Slice about 1/8” thick.  Place in large bowl.  With a large spoon, mix in enough of the Cinnamon/Sugar mixture to suit your taste.  I always taste the apples after adding Cinnamon/Sugar.  Depending on tartness of Apples, you may need to adjust. 

     Add the drained Raspberries and stir to incorporate with the Apples.  If you end up with a puddle of liquid at the bottom you will end up with a very juicy pie and possibly a soggy crust.  You may want to add 1 TBSP AP Flour, stir again and watch for a puddle to form at the bottom.  If still too much, add a bit more Flour.  Pour into Pie Shell.

     In the same bowl, make the Topping.  Mix the Flours, Brown Sugar, and Cinnamon.  Stir with a fork.  Cut the chilled Butter into chunks and mix with a Pastry Blender until crumbly.  Don’t over-mix.  You want some pea-sized pieces, not a smooth mixture.  (See photo).  Sprinkle mixture on top of Apple/Raspberry mixture.

     Bake at 375° F for 50-55 minutes.  You want the Apples to be tender.  You can poke with a fork to test.  The Topping should be browned.

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