While visiting our friends Jindra and Philip in Kentucky, Bob was able to try pickled corn for the first time. He was just crazy about it. I was able to get the recipe from another friend who made the corn he tried. Carolyn tells me that she and her mother have used this simple recipe for years and they do batches of 10 – 12 dozen ears of corn at a time. Southerners love it, and it is a staple in most Southern homes. Carolyn and her mother Roxie give lots of it away as gifts.

     As much as I cook, I am a freezer. I’ve never canned or pickled anything. This process is simple and needs no pressure cooker or hot water bath. It uses fermentation to preserve it.

     We were very happy with the results and will be making a lot more next summer. Thank you Carolyn!!


Fresh corn on the cob

1 pint sterilized Mason Jars

Pickling salt or Kosher salt

Distilled or Spring Water


Peel and desilk the corn.  Boil until just tender.  I cooked it for 5 minutes.  Plunge the corn in iced water to stop the cooking process.

When cool enough to handle, slice the corn off the cobs and pack tightly in jars.  Clean and dry the lip of the jars.

Place a rounded Tablespoon of salt on top of the corn, then fill with water only to the bottom ring on the lip of the jar.  (You need to leave a little air space for the fermentation to work).  Put a new flat lid on each jar, and then tighten the ring.

Store in a cool place for approximately 6 weeks, although Carolyn tells me you can give it a taste after 2 or 3 weeks.

NOTE:  No hot water bath or pressure cook is necessary with this process.

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