Self-professed ‘recipe developer’ has success at fair

  • By Eric Hrin

DuBOIS – Around 25 years ago, Gail Westover of DuBois started making her own recipes.

“I couldn’t follow anybody’s recipes and began changing everything,” she recalled. “I started customizing because it was too difficult for me to follow anyone else’s ingredients and preparation.”

Westover said the first recipe she made on her own was probably scrambled eggs.

“I don’t even make scrambled eggs like everybody else,” she commented.

Today, the self-described “recipe developer” is still creating her own recipes from scratch.

“I’ve been doing it for years,” she said.

She even has trouble following her own recipes, noting that she regularly adjusts them.

“They get changed a lot, too,” she said.

She lists all her own recipes in a blog called “Chew Wanna Eat?” which she said is found on Facebook, Word Press and Pinterest. Her recipes can also be found on

“I have quite a few local followers,” she commented. She noted that she even has some international ones.

This summer, she decided to try her luck at the fair.

“As an avid recipe developer and blogger, I decided to enter some baked goods along with some floral entries in the Jefferson County Fair,” she said. “It was my first time doing this. I walked away with first place in the cornbread category, first place in the rye bread category, and second place in the chocolate layer cake category. My cactus garden took first place, and an African violet took second place.”

She also won second place in the orange cinnamon rolls category. They were all her own recipes.

“I was thrilled, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was,” she said. “It ensures me others were very happy with my creation.”

Westover said all the recipes are in her blog, with photos.

Her latest recipe is brownie bark, which she recently posted to her blog.

She described it as a very thin brownie that’s crispy.

“It looks like someone took a rolling pin and flattened it out,” she said.

This recipe took her three tries, until she was happy with it.

Westover said it came out the first time a little thick.

The third time was the charm.

“I figured the problem was I had to take the baking powder completely out,” she said.

Westover, meanwhile, is trying to pass on the practice of baking from scratch, as well as bread baking, to her grandchildren. She stresses to her grandchildren the importance of baking from scratch and avoiding processed, prepared foods.

“It’s so much healthier and it tastes better,” she said.

Westover said bread baking is becoming a lost art.


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