Spiedie Salad (4)


     Bob and I are from the Binghamton, NY area. Binghamton is famous for a few things, spiedies being one of the most important. What is a spiedie? Marinated cubed meat which is grilled to perfection. The first spiedies were made out of lamb. Then came pork. Now chicken spiedies are everyone’s favorite.

     How do you serve them? The most popular way is either on a piece of Italian bread or on a sub roll. You can also put them on a salad. Some people like to add cheese, sauteed mushrooms, peppers or onions. Leftovers? I’ll eat them cold right out of the fridge. Yep, I just stick my paw in there, grab a piece and pop it into my pie hole. So good!

     Our favorite marinade is Lupo’s which you can buy online, or do what we do . . . stock up on it while we’re visiting family up North. Retail sales are slowly spreading out. It’s available at Wegman’s in State College. -OR- make your own marinade. I’m including the links to two different recipes. Try them, adjust them, or search for different recipes. They’re out there!

Give them a try. You’ll be in love.

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Spiedie Salad (2)Spiedie Salad (4)


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