SUN TEA, Cheaper way to have your tea



     Warm weather is coming which means it’s iced tea time. Here’s a great money saving and healthier alternative than buying bottled iced tea.

     I never buy it, so I’m not sure, but I’ll guess that a 16 oz bottle of pre-made tea is probably about $1.75. To me, that is ridiculous when I can make a half gallon of sun tea for 18 cents. You can add your own sugar and lemon if you want. No chemicals, no artificial flavors or colors, no aspertame. Just pure tea and water.

     Yes, 18 cents for 2 quarts of iced tea. I make it all winter, just letting it sit on the counter. In my photo, this pitcher has been on the counter for two or three hours. You don’t need sunlight. On sunny days I do put it outside. The sun heats the water and the tea brews much faster.

     I use 5 tea bags, and you can buy a box of 100 for $3.60. The glass pitcher I use is by Anchor Hocking and I think it was around $6. I have two of them so one can be in the fridge and the other one is either being washing or brewing the next batch.

     Ha Ha Disclaimer: I know you wouldn’t haul around a 1/2 gallon glass container, so if you’re going out, you’ll have to think of something else i.e. a sports cup or something similar. For at home drinking though, you can’t beat making your own.

     So there’s my 2 cents for the day. Hehe.


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By Tika for CHEW WANNA EAT? © 2016



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