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     If you’re like me, you’re really watching what goes into your family.  I want lots of flavor, but fewer additives.  For that reason, I used Breyer’s ice cream in this recipe.  Outstanding!  I only used 3 drops of food coloring.  They are a lot greener than they look in the photo.  Darn bright lights! 

     DoTerra is my essential oil of choice.  Every one of their oils is certified therapeutic grade. They can be ingested, used for aromatherapy and applied topically. I buy mine from:



2 ½ cups Vanilla ice cream

1 cup 2% milk

½ tsp vanilla extract

3 drops green food coloring

4 drops Spearmint DoTerra Essential oil

Whipped cream and green sprinkles for garnish


Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy.  Pour into pretty glasses.  Get the straws, quickly!

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By Tika for CHEW WANNA EAT? © 2016

2016-03-14 21.00.13_crop



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