Want to whip up a quick family dessert for the holidays? I’m going to show you some cakes that I decorated and gave as little gifts. They would be perfect for anyone as a little “I’m thinking of you” cake. All the decorations came from a dollar store. A few dollars is enough to do a lot of cakes. It doesn’t matter what holiday you’re baking for, just find holiday-appropriate decorations and you’ve got it!

I baked my cakes in bread pans, hence the perfect rectangle shape. (Sneaky, but that’s just me). ¬†Depending on how tall you want your cakes, you’ll get at least two, possibly three cakes from one cake recipe.

There are a ton of options. Cut it in half and frost the center, or leave it whole. Tint the frosting. I left mine white because I wanted it to look like snow. Tint or use white coconut. Use sprinkles or colored sugar. That ought to give you plenty of ideas. And of course, any cake will work. Scratch cake, boxed cake, any flavor.

You can also flavor the frosting if you want. A dark chocolate cake with peppermint flavored frosting would be so good! You could even put a few mini candy canes on top, or crush up some peppermint candy. OK, stopping now before I get carried away.




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