Many of you probably don’t know what an avid gardener and houseplant person I am. Unfortunately, where we live, it is difficult to have outside plants due to an overpopulation of deer. What I do grow is behind a fence, in pots, in one corner of the driveway. *sigh *big sigh. The other issue here is that we have underground springs in the back and on the sides of our house. So unless I want to garden in the front yard, I’m stuck.

This brings me to some of what I grow indoors where there are no stinkin’ deer and no underground springs. Pictured below are my african violets. I have loved growing them forever. The best window in our house to grow them is the laundry room. Contrary to popular believe, african violets love sun, as long as they are not too close to the window. If the hot sun shines directly on them, they won’t like it. You can filter the sun with sheer curtains, just be careful about growing them on a window sill because they may get burned. You’ll see some babies mixed in here which are still too young to blossom, and since space is limited here, I don’t have as many as I normally would.

     Hope you like them.


2015-11-08 17.44.11

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